love Engineering, i love impact, and because you are fighting for a good grade point
[GP] does not mean you should just put things in your brain for the main time, for you still needs it after that time.
Now, am going to give examples to illustrate my points 

  • Sergie Brin
    and Larry Page
    : – The discoverers of Computer/Google respectively. The former an Engineer while the later a Scientist. They didn’t pursue money, they read to know. Google was a PhD project
    but because they were after the excellence it made money for them, now they are
  •  Gugleimo Marconi:
    – An electrical engineer pioneer. He invented the long distance communication that
    we refer to as the radio communication use in phone etc. He loved Engineering
    and He was selling his radio. He had a company and became a millionaire.

people will say it’s all about book, but it’s not really about it. First class
degree is not everything. I will just say, you all should do what you love
doing, don’t read to pass only; read for yourself and read to know more. If you
do what you love, you will succeed in it. Don’t pursue the certificate, else you will
end up having nothing. A saying goes thus “Chase the knowledge, and wealth
will chase you”. As for me I will say Academic Excellence doesn’t end by
graduating with first-class honors. We just need to have faith that our future
will be bright.
written by Ngoo Ben {Bernoulli}


July 6, 2016


July 6, 2016