The exclusive mentality of ‘school
is our all in all solution to poverty’ is an illusion. I see many youths of our
nation waking to this reality. A whooping percentage of the undergraduate
population that stretched around the higher institutions in Nigeria have had it
beaten to their heads, the alarming and out of control rate of unemployment by
their graduate relatives. Unemployment is a worldwide ailment; developed
nations in both Europe and America are no exclusion. The question now is what
is the cause of this ailing situation that drapes all around the world and
seems to have little or no regard for our said intellectuality? The answer is
school, yes school.

School is an institution that is
inseparable from development of a nation and of an individual. It has trained
and turned ordinary people to skilled personnel in varieties of discipline
right from the development of nations around the world, turning our world to a
civilized environment. These amongst many were the help school has granted the
world through education since her inception.
Bringing the lens on education to
its modern day culture and Nigeria as a more microcosm of the rest of the
world. From history, there really was a time when once educated, the welfare of
the people for the rest of their working days is settled by salaries, and
pensions were the cushion for the rest of their old days. But the world has
evolved more than enough times than the cushions the school offer. For example;
In April 2012, one of the nations that the world esteem – America; 50% of her graduating
class did not find job, out of the 50 that found job, a certain were
underemployed. Needless to say the percentage of the yearly graduating class in
Nigeria that did not find job.
This is the untold truth that either
school doesn’t realize, or too scared to lose its relevancy to the new reality.
The world’s sophistication has outweighed the clause; “go to school to get a
high paying job.” The world no longer runs on the span of needing large man
power to do its daily operations. For example; Technology is more down to earth
than ever, that virtually the know-how of anything can be provided by simply
typing it on ‘Google’. Why study computer science, working sorts of unfruitful
mathematics, when professional computer courses are available online, with
videos. Why be an accountant, expecting a high pay after school when it’s
possible to hire accountants in a lower-wage country, and serve my firm online.
Why talk about job security when advance technology makes jobs obsolete. The
truth is, although school prepares, but for a world not in existence anymore.
I want to use this time to
introduce to you the NEW-WORLD-ORDER. Here, either you’re a graduate or
drop-out it doesn’t matter, either you’re at the top of your class or the ‘C’
student, either you know mathematics – algebra or how to find an ‘X’ or either
you don’t, you’re all welcomed here. For in-here, we thrive on creativeness –
what your thoughts can birth rather than what was birthed decades ago, what
your hands can do, either to add values or create value bonds. In-here buying a
house is not an asset, your car became a liability the day you buy its first
fuel – you can argue it, but it doesn’t matter. Here, you make it happen
yourself. It is the entrepreneur world.
The world runs on the fulcrum of
money, but the school will not teach you anything about money. Why not get
FINANCIAL EDUCATION, and place your ‘then’ in your hands from ‘now’, for
without it; the future is weak.
written by Alao Ibrahim


February 13, 2017


February 13, 2017