How we wish to fly over time. How we wish it takes only a
moment and not a dime.
All that we have inside of us are beautiful pictures.
Pictures of how we wish to be in the soon coming years.
That we can’t wait until everything inside of us comes to
reality. Though it will take time, we know and that is why we still ask.
When will the time come? It’s all like we are carrying our
future inside our stomach.

We are pregnant of tomorrow. We can’t wait to put to bed.
Travelling all around the world, it takes just a moment.
Being a man or woman, I mean the one we always decided to be.
How been in engagement with people, making impacts. No
happier feeling than that.
To us all, we don’t care about the cruel world, we all want to
leave a mark; a blueprint.
Because what drives us towards our future is thinking about
how our past was and correcting it, for we are all tired of the situation we
find ourselves.
We all want to move. Being with the best spouse, I mean that
family of our choice.
Going on tours and moving all around with kisses on the
cheeks. That’s what drives us to pray every time.
We all want to be happy. Nobody wants to live a mediocre
life, all wants to be wealthy.
All want to be called blessed, no one ever want to become
We see that future ahead of us and smile. No utterance of
hate. We wouldn’t even quarrel with anyone.
To build nations, put smiles on our parents face and everyone
around us.
This is the happiest of all joy. We all want to leave the
position where we are to that place.
That place filled with dreams. That’s the main reason we
smile every time.
For we should always work hard till when expensive becomes
That’s the only way we can succeed. The only way we can make
that mark we were destined to make. 
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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