Just in few minutes I saw everything happen
Where you signaled to me straight from your heart how you felt
And made me see the reasons why it’s all gone
I couldn’t but help myself up when I read this all over your face.

Yes, I felt empty inside of me while sleeping
Because I wasn’t expecting to hear you say such
And I couldn’t help trace down the whole scene
Right from the moment I took my bath to falling asleep

Probably I could trace it down to that Sunday afternoon I saw you with him
Yes, you saw me and didn’t acknowledge my presence
I called and asked what was wrong
Instead your reaction told me everything I was always wanted to hear.

And then I asked that question
That almost made me cry.
That who was he
And yes, you told me it was him.

I asked what about me
You signed off your looks.
I’m done with you, I heard you say that
It is him now and nothing more.

I woke up few minutes later
Thinking of how much I need you
And wouldn’t have you stay in my life again.
Oh, what a nightmare!

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