A writer is a person who writes, you know that from the onset. But what happens when writing doesn’t take its natural cause in the life of a writer? A person who calls himself a writer isn’t better than a prisoner because both of them are inmates of their own thoughts and action.

What do you call a writer who lives his life and still live another person’s own through imagination? Who do you call a better writer, one who takes pleasure in writing? Yes, it is but a writer who doesn’t practice what he preaches is called what?

We get too bored about life that we do not do the things expected of us and why is this so. Maybe because there is no much success to commensurate with the already prepared hard-work. What makes a writer’s life beautiful is when he offers himself freely to the person that cherish his heart. Writing unlike other profession is quite different because affection and love has to be mixed together to get a better personality of the writer.

The truth is, being a writer is tiring and frustrating. You have to think beyond the reasoning of others and judge fairly after weighing between the several choices laid before you which will give one a better perspective about the world at large.
A writer is still a prisoner unless the right motivation is revealed before him which could help him drive what is inside of him outside on paper.

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