Hello beautiful, I see you’re doing well with your new age, you’re a year older and at a very critical stage of life, I hope you’ll be able to handle all the pressure and challenges that may come with it? I hope you’ll never give up on yourself no matter what. Mistakes are allowed and bound to happen but hope you learnt from it in your previous years?

I hope you’ve finally come to terms to take people for who they are, I hope you’ll never feel hurt or betrayed by people’s action? You know everyone just can’t be like you, I hope you free your inner spirit and mind to learn more from life. I hope your sensitivity won’t make you withdraw any longer from the world. I hope you find peace within yourself and quit fighting yourself on what can’t be avoided.

It’s a new beginning into your mid-late twenties and I pray God grant you the strength to walk through each stage with grace. You’re a warrior, warriors doesn’t give up. Never give up on life, learn to let things go, never hold unto things that aren’t meant to be and won’t be. Learn to have a free spirit as free as a bird, discover and bring out that awesomeness and playfulness in you.

Continue to have pride in you, never let people’s words and opinion get to you. Live your life for yourself and never for anyone. You’re stronger than who you think you are, you’re appreciated, you’re beautiful. Just let the beauty of your soul out and shine!

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


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