Like Paul said “I find myself doing what am not supposed to but the things I do not want to do, that I find myself doing” That’s the fate of every Writer. We writers share the same feeling of guilt whenever we aren’t doing what is meant of us to do.

Yet we find pleasure procrastinating the day words are meant to be pen down to times when the chance no longer exists. Yes, I believe in big dreams but what does that mean to a group of people who thinks in the wrong direction. For I’m a product of penniless thought with a lot of words only hidden within me.

Before you tag me no writer, I accept the fact that I haven’t been staying on track but that does not mean I still don’t have my eyes got on purpose. Yes, we live in a world full of noise with each person seamlessly waiting for the right time to reach its peak. But all are like a mist, soon they disappear. A Writer will always be one who out of all noise in the world quietly speak to its heart saying ‘what about your dream’.

No matter how difficult situations may prove themselves to be, a mind full of real purpose will always have its way back and act accordingly. Because there is no percentage of pleasure out there that won’t be full of void as long as that passion and purpose isn’t met.

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