Adunni Ade, omo aji dara bi egbin (One who’s beauty is like the morning dew),
Omo to dudu bi ti kooro esin( One who’s black shine)

Skin as that of a smooth seashell,
The one who’s beauty makes men stand in awe,

Orekelewa obirin(A woman of inestimable beauty),
Her waist adorned with beads jiggling back and forth as she moves,

Oniwa tutu bi adaba( One with humility)
O ba tete wa sile mi kin f’e s’aya mi( Come quickly to my home and let me make you my wife),

Erin re muse ti f’okan mi sife re( Her smile draws my heart to her love)
Eyin re funfun nene bi ti awo oyinbo( Her smile like that of the white dishware),

Ogo re si tan bi ti eye okin( Her glory shine forth like that of a peacock),
Adunni Ade, Omo a ji tannwo( A child to be reckoned with),

Omo aji p’ote mole(One capable of stopping betrayal),
Aridunnu mi! (My happiness).

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Written by Adegun Wuraola




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