We are short of one day already. That day when we’ll leave the four walls of this great universe and head back home to where we rightfully belong. No matter how long we stay here on earth whether a twenty or sixty or a hundred years. One day our soul will depart from the body which we possess.

Just one day in paradise is enough. I mean, a taste of it and you’ll never want to come back to this world. For that’s the fate of those who closed their eyes in death. It is often said that you can’t explain the true meaning of something until it has happened to you but nevertheless, death is different. It’s a feeling you get such that even the deceased feel nothing about.

One day in paradise is enough to forget everything and all the struggle poised by life on earth. If I may ask a question, how did you handle that feeling when you heard of the demise of a close friend or relative? Is it something you cannot explain? That’s it. Life is like a pattern only visible to those who can see it.

For those who see pattern know the true effect of every star. Because when these stars shine so bright, they know when it can be snuffed out. Death is inevitable. It will happen to all, at one point in time. Everything in due time will be traced back to the beginning where it was written ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth’. For that is the fate of all human, going back to the beginning.

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