We live in a world where things are considerably not easy to achieve for the person with nothing. And at the same time quite easy for the person with a known beginning. I have come to the understanding that to make the world a better place is easier said than done because, at the end of the day, it’s so certain you won’t find anybody on the run.

Most times I ask myself questions like “what’s the mystery behind not having a passion to keep up with a dream and why can’t one just become whatever he wants” On answering my own questions I traced everything back to lack of self-will. Yes, that self-will we fail to harness when in difficult times.

I find it so inspirational and thoughtful to be under the voice of a great man addressing his audience and him uttering that statement ‘I started my career from scratch if I can make it in which I did; you have no excuse but to achieve great things also’ Interesting right? But then, I came to realize that level of struggle differs from one man to the other, from one situation to another.

You can’t compare the level of struggle and pain of Bill Gates who dropped out from Harvard University in the United States to a starving 10year old kid who hasn’t even started school in a remote area of Burkina Faso. See the difference?

Nevertheless, I reckoned with myself that it’s all one’s doing. If you choose to succeed and become great, it’s up to you. You have got to walk your way up to the top leaving distractions behind. I have lived up to the level of owning my own decisions and choosing what will be of great value to me.

Let’s leave the talk and work the actions because we all know talk is cheap. Collectively we can make this world a better place.

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