I always believe LOVE was a fairy-tale
That there was nothing worthwhile in it
Even if you give your best
You only come back with an empty trash can.

But then, LOVE began to prove its worth
That I couldn’t but recognize it wherever I went
Even to the most dreaded and ruthless things of this world
I found joy and peace within.

Wait, I still remember my pieces on nightmare
That hurt me so dearly to the bones
Although, I learned my lesson the tough way
I just can’t imagine myself giving everything back to LOVE again.

It’s always said that the patient dog eats the fattest bone
And the fattest bone produces the stronger dog
But what happens when the dog isn’t still strong enough
Maybe the dog waited too long. Who would you blame?

But LOVE keeps coming back to me
Even after I have given up and said Wait, don’t come yet.
But then I realized LOVE is something you can’t force
Especially when it comes from the person who wouldn’t give up on you.

I have heard several stories about several things
But in all of these
And none of myself
I say LOVE surpasses them all.

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