After all it all came to an end, the relationship was cut
short no time sooner, for if we could only just have applied more patience and put
more trust, we wouldn’t have allowed the relationship perish. We still remember
vividly the kisses and hugs we enjoyed from one other; it was like our
relationship knew no end. 
That something saw our dazzling love and couldn’t help but
destroy it and we gave way to that thing. I guessed we didn’t hold tight our
love enough until we had to go our separate ways. We still remember about not
compromising, about not falling aside, we were really in love then, but we
couldn’t comprehend that thing until it came for our relationship.
We could not continue with the love and we had to put off the
rekindled love which was burning incessantly. We wished to lean on each other
every day but it’s all gone now, and we can’t wait to find ourselves in any
romantic relationship again.
We left the
relationship to destiny to take its place because the wonderful friendship we
planned has already failed. We knew the heart of the devil was to squander
the relationship and that we weren’t going to continue afterwards, we saw this
already ahead but to us, it was getting late, time was fast spent. Indeed we
couldn’t make it, but we bet that when we get to the place where we see to part no one, it
deemed us fit that we are going to work things out again.
Those single touches, those romantic feelings, those leaning
on each other, they are all gone now; we guess that next life we would have
acquired more knowledge to help us defeat the devil. We will soon find that
someone who we will lean on and tell our past relationship. No!!! We wouldn’t
tell anyone, it’s a secret between the two of us because our heart still long
for one another.
We guess someday we will both lean against each other side to
side and kiss deeply again and probably after that, we ride on our various journeys
in life and go our separate ways. 
Oh!!! What an irony.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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