If only we were quiet
and always plain, we would never have had to put away good friendships.
If only we would
have just listened more than we talked, we would have saw souls rather than
just bodies.
If only we hadn’t
judged so soon and wait for some moments, we wouldn’t be in such a mess we are
in now.

Living a life of
Prestige is totally living with good people. How we all wish we could read up
one another mind and see so much dreams, ideas, motives each and every one of
us has to execute in life. Each person in life has a role to play, that’s why
we need friends to help us achieve them.

We need to make
things happen. Only true friends would really cherish you and carry a part of
your burden in order to ease you. No one man can ever make a team. Let’s take
up to the challenge. Let’s not always turn down friendship, only a little
patience will suffice.

We do not only
use the brain we have got but also the ones we get from friends. Let’s value
this relationship called FRIENDSHIP. Let’s love one another with that brotherhood
love. Being there for someone when that person needs someone has a long way to
go in the life of that person. Though you may be playmate but obviously not
grace mate but that doesn’t mean total condemnation towards that person. We all
need one another either now or later in the future.

Marry your best friend;
this is because friendship is not only precious in the shade but also in the
sunshine of life. Let’s lend helping hands to one another. Nobody knows what
tomorrow holds but we all pray to meet it at its very best.

There is also a
way of succeeding in life, that’s by surrounding yourself around successors,
people who has like visions as you.
Let’s share the
pain. Let’s rejoice and merry together. There is no good thing in just being
only you.
It’s the second half of the year
and definitely there are going to be make-ups and break-ups but we should
always remember to make-up good friendships and break-up negative minded
people. We have the power to associate freely, let’s meet up to the very best
and enjoy the opportunity life gives us all.

Time would come
so as chance. We will one day be grateful to God for the friends we have now.
For the ones who endured with us even till this moment.

Words can’t just
express how true friends in love exist.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi           

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