How long do we strive or desire to achieve what we want. For
there are lot of ups and down, but all belongs to God, indeed we live in a
place called Life, what else do we desire other than the grace we have
received. For we are not so righteous as the missionary believers do call it, we are not so
used to those doctrines, but still grace showed its way into our life. 
What more could we say, what more could be uttered from
within us if not for the praise and thanksgiving to be rendered to God, indeed there
is a being who never leaves nor forsake us. For this being is filled with open
arms. Even if we can’t do more than this right now, we still know all belongs
to him, all glory and praise be unto him.
For until we are hit by storms, we wouldn’t even care to see
the light, for those whose spirit mind is high just as mine now, we are really
feeling the same way, so over-filled that we hope our sense makes more than
nonsense, we do not even care anymore.
We are still the normal we, the dreamful personalities, life
exams tried pulling us back but life didn’t know we oversaw past that, for
success is our doing and our culture.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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