Love not a bit with mere words
Like a warrior fighting with plastic swords.
For love is an application of action
Yielding to a new heap of satisfaction.

Father taught me how to last longer in suffering.
He taught me how to give patience as an offering.
He never allowed me to know an envious emotion
Just as he taught me how to have full comparison.

In my presence, he has never flew off the handle
Like the way the fire doesn’t just fly off the candle.
To my mother, he didn’t at all let his love deflate,
Neither did he allow his pride as a father inflate.

He is never thoughtless towards my mother.
His carefulness has never made her bother.
He has always been a fan of her silly decisions
So as to avoid several unnecessary divisions.

He has never used words as harsh as the sun
Nor as brutal as an accident on mother and I as fun.
A night, mother insulted him, he hugged her to sleep.
He was strong enough, he didn’t want her to weep.

He did his best to hit the hammer on the nail;
Taught me words so that I’d never have to fail.
His little but mighty words taught me to believe
That even with the little I have, I can achieve.

He was the man. How much a great vantage!
Yet, he didn’t manipulate issues to his own advantage.
The night before he left, we ate under the rain
And he said to mother, “love, you look young again”

Written by Jacob Temidayo


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