Let every eyes be open
To see their own ‘man-sion’.
Let every pebble be taken
Out of our daily affliction.
Let them see with their own eyes,
The humble tears behind our cries.

Let every mind be spoken
And left without abstraction.
Let promises be unbroken
And carved sincerely into action.
Let them know with their minds,
The pricelessness of our kinds.

Let every hand touch
The broken bones in us.
Let them harm us much
And give us hurts in surplus.
Let them feel with their hands,
The patience behind our stands.

Let every nose perceive
The odour of innocent blood.
Let their lands receive
The visitation of a fat flood.
Let them smell with their noses,
The sourness of our pretty roses.

Let every ear hear
The sounds of weeping.
Let the strands of their hair
Be gathered for sweepings.
Let them listen with their ears,
The constant cries of 100 years.

Let every mouth speak
Of the hunger and thirst they caused.
Let vast famine bespeak
The words by which they’ve been cursed.
Let them tell with their mouths,
The storm they created in the South’s.

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Written by Jacob Temidayo


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