No matter how hard we try to create the life we want
No matter how fast we are to speak when needed
No matter how swift to listen we are when attending to trivial issues
One day we’ll close our eyes to death and remember them no more.

No matter the fancy clothes we try to buy
No matter the extent we try to impress those who look at us
No matter how silent we were not to get heated-up in arguments
One day we’ll close our eyes to death and those moments will matter no more.

No matter how many days we fast and pray just to make ends meet
No matter even if we didn’t give to the poor when we were supposed to
No matter whether we judged first before asking or otherwise
One day our eyes will be shut to the close hands of death.

Hate all you can, love all you can, cry all you want
Pursue all you desire, give up on life’s challenges,
Give back to the world everything you have,
One day those you think you never thought of losing will close their eyes in death.

Live the life that you think is better for you, I wouldn’t say you should be jealous or not, receive or not, lie or not. Ask Solomon; everything in life is vanity. Just become that person you always dream of because one day, the world will lose you to the close hands of death which no one can escape from.

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