I saw the future beneath your today,
The one that holds the girdle of joy.
I saw the hidden pleasures beneath her pain,
The pleasure that will last longer than her pain.

Beneath her childish and ceaseless clung,
I saw a mother in her, I saw a home in her arms.
Under the hidden flames of her wayward soul,
I saw undying love and hope from her armed sole.

Beneath her flaws comes this perfection,
The masked one you call beauty hidden from you.
I saw something that is better than perfection,
That thing one hidden in the cave of her smile.
I will scribe with my blood on her wall.
Something deeper than word.

Beneath her shadow, I saw my bride,
Her silent lips said I do to the questions of my heart.
Beneath her beautifully I took a dive;
Too deep that I am not coming back alive.

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Written by Oyawale Olabode


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