If the rains fell with no caution,
Earth would have witnessed
Floods of destruction.
If the sun never cease to shine,
The greens will only last a while.

When the wind hijacks a sailing ship,
The captain’s voyage is thrown in turmoil.
With the rule of law dead and buried,
Heads shall turn to wheels and roll.

Then, the snake would
Decide not to eat fresh eggs,
It’d opt for cash meal instead.
The monkey would leave
Baskets of fruits
To cart away bags of lucre.

The thieves would need no mask,
They would dress in suits and ties,
Confidently showing their faces on the television,
While they keep looting the wealth of the nation.

Our road shall be built with bullet and canisters,
And covered with the fluid from the vein,
While some effortlessly labour with pain,
Some will painlessly loot their gains.

Young leaves shall leave their branches.
Flowers shall be plucked before they bloom.
This is the effect of kakistocracy;
Living and wallowing in the ruins of anarchy.

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Written by Olanrewaju Trimiziu


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