Distance seems to break a
But not two magnetic hearts
Though we may seem not to cover
the shadow
But rather not being with you
I will cry an ocean and build a
So I can forever rest on your
And you cuddle me with your warm
tender arms.

When I was born
I found my rib missing
All through the years
I keep searching
Searched the thick forest and was
arrested by wild animals
Searched the lakes and was
arrested by mermaid
Little do I know I was not meant
to go far
But faith keeps pushing me
Not until I met you
I found my ribs complete.
Ribs of two souls make a hero love
No love of any lady
Living upon the endless rug
Defines love like yours
It shows me the path to hope
On it I hold, be at rest
I shall shower you with love
No man has showered a lady with
Over the beginning of the
Have met thousand multiplied by
zero like you
Just so you know
Have experienced the sweetness of
Just from no other but you
I’m sank already
Yet I don’t want to come out of it
I want to fall over and over for
For you alone possess humble heart
For me have same
My love is beautiful with yours
I can’t imagine life without you
For we are destined lovers
Till doomsday we remain that.
written by M’Awwal Abdul’Rasheed

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