I’m a man,

Formed from the dust of the earth.
Placed in the midst of God’s heart
To be a companion and a friend.
I’m a man,
Brewed in royalty,
Destined to demonstrate His majesty
In the face of adversity
And advent cruelty.

I’m a man,
The glory of a woman.
A god on earth,
Declaring the sovereignty of the God in heaven.
I’m a man,
Given a head to be the head,
Given hands to provide the bread,
Given a mouth to teach the creator’s creed
And legs to take the lead.
I’m man,
God wants me to rule,
My partner desire my love,
My children want me to guide
And my society wants me to govern.
I’m a man,
Not a higher monkey;
Because I am born to rule,
Destined to dominate,
Fashioned to impact
And created to recreate.
by Orebanwo Adewale

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