I will tell you the story of my life before the love of my
sight comes around
Come sit around me you all, let me say it quietly
I am fast growing old and you know it; I would tell you what
you need to know
For the first time we saw decided it all at once
She will soon be here, just relax and continue listening
She ignites my world at night and cools my starving thirst

After those years of waiting, I finally could get someone
She is of the person you would always pray to have by your
For if you lay not to someone like her, its high time you
decide something quickly
Even when everything was tough, when I couldn’t talk anymore
like I am now
She was always on the phone trying to get to me looking for
my whereabouts
For sooner you would meet her and congratulate me
I am saying this, for this is the first love I would rather
For I would rather cast my belongings away to have her
It will be such a shame not to introduce you all to her
For if I continue to wait here, anxiety might take the breath
out of me
Here she comes, let me bring her in, my world and my all.
For if you find someone like her, never let it go.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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