O! Love

In your arms my tear flows
By your side my heart glows
Eloped to the world of love.
O! Love
Cased in a red crystal
Framed as the heart’s hunter
Ripples from boiling blood.
O! Love
Glitters of falling fountain
Straight down steeply mountain
Adorned by flying camellias.
O! Love
Naivety comes with glamour
Shining in silver-lined armour
Beauty to behold with a smile.
O! Love
Despicable frets and clefs
Strummed at various intervals
Symphony of the captured.
O! Love
Frightfully beautiful in the morning
Creeps of silent nights
Peace to the frail mind.
O! Love
Days in ages of old
Peace to hearts that fold
Tales of eternity in reality.
O! Love
by Tokede Daniel

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