That moment will surely come even if you don’t pray for it that things would
go head nut, things would go the opposite way. You know? It’s so funny to
believe that there is a life without any ups and down, it’s hard to believe
that you won’t experience of this rough moment once in every sweet season of
your life. And count my words now, that the moment will come and hit you at the
side you least expect.
Now, what do you presume? Lay there and keep
mute? Or rise up and rise again. For in every oppression lies the fruit of
innovation, you have got to awaken that spirit within you not to give room to
suppression. And if indeed you can stand this test of time and go for that goal
you really want to hit, you would not only receive an award of a terrific
winner in all of life’s endeavor but also stand the chance to feature in a
greater movie of success where you are heard when not seen.
those who tells you if life hits you hard, you don’t get to cry or be sober but
come back right side up and prove after all you had the best hit even when not
struck. For these tough times would emerge even after encountering another, but
you can do the victory over and over again. For it’s a small world, you can’t
afford not to be victorious in any of life’s oppression. Good luck with that
solemn peace within you.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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