Have you ever wondered even for a second how sick you were to
put a spoon of food in your mouth and it proved difficult but you were
determined to do something you loved doing despite what was going on around
you, Though it seemed tough but you still did it and that’s the spirit of what
am talking about. It sole occurs that in life we tend to do what we love even
in our subconscious state of mind due to the repetition and involvement we have
dedicated to that thing.
But all couldn’t have happened if one force wasn’t the
propeller of that which is to be propelled. For there is no vision without a
provision, and that driving force says; as long as I have given you a vision, a
provision is definitely set aside for that. For what man has achieved and would
ever achieve has nothing to do with where he was from but begins with the right
The driving force in whom nothing can be propelled except
from the propeller propels indeed is ready to bestow unto anyone who is ready
that mentality key factor of what is beneficial to the world freely. Relax,
reflect on these things; no one ever accomplished anything worthwhile that
lasts longer just by narrow means, for if it’s not from the propeller in whom
we call God, then who else would it be.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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