One time she is extremely happy,
almost immediately she turns gloomy.
One time she is lost in the
hysteric laughter and all of a sudden you see her in tears.
One time she is all hyped up and
another time she draws deep into her shell.
One time she is very nice and calm
and just in an instant, she is extremely hostile.
One time she is interested in
talking and just immediately she snubs you heavily.
One time she is this and at an
instant, her countenance speaks direct opposite.
You might have heard of her, seen
her or even got lost in her.
She might have messed with your
She might have left you screwed
She might have left you hurt and battered.
She might seem beneficial at first
Unknown to you that all she wants is
your happiness and sanity.
She wants to take all the positive
energy left in you.
She is terrible
She is “Mood-swing”.
written by Ajiboso Ogooluwa

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