And I found maybe another right person I suppose, it’s like I don’t know what am
feeling, for it’s not the first time this is happening to me. But come to think
of this? Do I think I can just make up anything from my heart about whom the
right person seems? I feel dumbfounded for the first time and I think indeed am
in need of something so daring to me.
Yes, it’s
normal to long for love, to search for it, but what happens when you see a lot
and can’t suggest which one is there to stay. What do you reason with this? I
don’t think this is normal. For we are getting older not younger but our quest
for love gets deeper with no one to come heal it up. It’s so confusing and not
convincing, not because we need this love but because we didn’t feel it again
like the first time it occurred to us.
It’s just
like being good to yourself hurts you worse than anyone doing it to you. I
obviously have no idea what to do but I feel the hunt of the first person I
fell in love with. To be sincere I haven’t gotten back to my normal state, it’s
just like am still chasing away the wind. Suppose I feel nothing within me,
that shouldn’t be worse but I just have to continue living this way not until
someone walks up to me and bring back that restless love within me.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi


November 17, 2016


November 17, 2016