Have you ever wondered how difficult it was to prove to be
right to someone you truly love only to be wronged by erroneous words. It’s
often uncalled for to be in a circumstance where you have to choose between two
odds which isn’t even close to a right. You should know that what you feel
might be totally wrong to what your opposite might have in mind.

For you both might be one of a kind but that doesn’t mean you
both still don’t have where to go. Just consider a scenario where you have
always been on the giving side just for this one time to be on the receiving
side and you were down-casted. It’s not funny but it’s as if one of you has
been drugged to the average where no one can get a stand of chance. For you
should be reminded that these happenings happen because you live in a world
where you do things not because of what you feel is right but obviously of what
is actually right.
Have your way past what you are feeling, let that happy
memories continue to radiate all over you. For anything is likeable to happen
when it’s a matter of choice and love, take the right course, find your cause
on living that right way which only seems alright to you.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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