It moves slowly, slowly and slowly
This moon moves slowly,
It drags, prolongs, stretches the
night with it
Keeping the dawn of day at bay
Wedging rays into lovers hearts
Foggy, gloomy rays that bore
longing, wanting,
Cravings into the seat of their
Chasm that wouldn’t stop expanding.

They reach over the chasm
Willing their hands to connect,
fingers to interlock
But they labour in futility- like
connecting same sides of magnet
For the moon lingers, the night
drags, the chasm widens
They toss and toss and turn on
their beds; a spoon mixing rice with stew.
When the chasm drains them of
strength, not will
They lay still, weary, waiting
Waiting for the moon to leave, for
the night to end
Waiting for the break of day, the
rise of the Sun.
written by Obaniyi Stephen

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