‘Fresh graduate’, the phrase was
on the lips of all who saw me in my well fitted jacket after sealing my final
year project defense. I had served my term in the training camp called school
with hard labor and strict adherence to the instructions governing the
institution. The ‘universal city’ (University) had prepared me for the society
where realities whispers to our dreams how impossible they seem and it also
trained me for a life that withholds that which we deserve only to give that
which we fiercely demand of it. Sighs! But am I truly prepared?

I remembered the phrase that
filled our discussions when we were in our lower levels; “I can’t wait to
graduate”. Now I have graduated, what next? I was like a young man on the
dance floor, spotlight on him but clueless about the next dance step to take
because of the diverse melodies beaming from the speakers. I was scared of the
next decision to take because life continually updated my memory with images of
young people who took wrong decisions in the early stage of their life.
The future I had fantasized about
faded away like a fog that hides when the early morning sun rises. Employers
didn’t look at me twice before sending me back with my dusty shoes and brown
envelope that contained my certificate because any time I was asked the
question; “what can you offer us”, I always find myself lacking the
right words. My CV was scanty and repulsive like a beautiful lady with no
element of intellect. My father made it worse by continually singing in my ears
that an ‘idle hand is the devil’s workshop’ and I should make myself useful in
his workshop where he does dry cleaning for the staff of the company in my
town. Oh, what a dent to my ego! Hmm. Life after school.
Then it dawned on me that I wanted
freedom from school but forgot that there was no freedom from myself and
neither was there freedom from the realities of life. The four walls of school
protected me from the whip of the taskmaster (reality) and hindered me from
seeing my true self. Life after school is a time to look forward to but it will
be determined by how we use life in school. If you explain why you were never
able to be who you wanted to be, it never takes away the reason for not doing
what is expected of you.
“Excuses are good reasons for
written by Orebanwo Adewale


February 27, 2017


February 27, 2017