Let’s critique our leaders,
Who deal with our futures.
To the antics of our killers,
Let’s find soothing sutures.
Nights watched in their stead,
Eyes sobbed till it bulged,
Million voices now indistinct,
But they’re not flinched an inch.

Mass scars in cold red sea.
Mass sepulcher like snows,
Mass climbing for ecstasy,
East west like a pendulum.
They lit their cigars,
Puffed the smokes on youths,
To blind them from the truth
And kill their vision with cancer.
Slaughtered able men with a grin,
Chained giants in irons and fetal.
Aimed and hired them for their
Blamed and fired them for their
Overemphasized respect,
As leverage to muzzle and subject.
Immunity to make them free
And continue wickedness in spree.
Roasted raging revolutionist,
Tortured touting talking toms,
Attacked ambient activist,
Severed silent stalkers.
Oppressing the opposition,
Suppressing the suspicion.
Objecting rebel’s observations.
Rendering their fights futile.
Spoils of the defiled land,
Remnants of the barren land,
In unison we lit their scarecrows,
Turning the badland to Greenland.
written by Odetokun Elijah


February 18, 2017


February 18, 2017