Stinging your heart,
With my venomous tail, full of lies.
Your heart I shattered to pieces,
With words made in devil’s den.

I promised heaven,
But built your mansion in hell.
I promised you a royal palace with million maids at your finger’s tip,
But I cuffed your love and have it imprisoned.

You smiled to torments,
Holding in the inferno that burns your vein.
You laugh at my poisonous stings,
Poking your innocent heart with daggers.

I betrayed your trust,
Backstabbing all my promises.
I sold you out to pains,
With my Judas’ kiss.

I paid and bought your choice,
With my pleasure coins.
Why don’t you toss me back my coins?
To buy myself a plot at Aceldama?

Deep inside you weep,
In pains your heart keeps bleeding.
Pour out those tears,
To water and quench the volcanoes burning.

For once, have the taste of your tears,
And tell me if it’s bitter, sour or salty.
Let your mouth cease not to speak,
Paint me as I am; bad.

You waited for so long,
For me to cast off the veil that hide your tears beneath
You deceived me,
By wearing the mask that always smile.

With every words I sputter,
I have secreted into your heart, tears of volcanoes.
Stand on your feet and bite me,
Burning my heart to ashes with hot coals.

Written by Agele Ayo


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