In a dark night when all is asleep, what do you do?

Reflect on how your past went or drive into your future.

In a dark night when all you hear is the sound of the cockerel

What do you do to appease the angels of sweet words hovering around you?

In a dark night when you wake up just to fill your hungry stomach

What do you do to take over your situation at hand?

Because in a dark night when all is asleep, you are expected too

But rather, you are awake to see in-depth what you couldn’t see daylight.

They often say it’s in the dark people perpetuates evil

That is why the adage would say “sleep as not to get caught”.

But the wise knows inspiration birth at night

When your heart is empty and your stomach is open.

For a dark night has no meaning to the rich; I guess

But to the one trying to recover its lost cost, everything matters

Because in due time he would discover that thing;

That thing that wakes him up at dark time

To birth words of encouragement and inspiration to his soul.

A dark night, to a few matters a lot. A few would understand

Especially if you are the type that good fortune follows

‘Sleep on’, your environment will beckon on you

For what has made you cry before will wake you up in a dark night and make you face the light.

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