Lifting my eyes up,
As I gaze at the north,
Behold, a hopeless settlement,
No one to call upon for help,
Tears enfolds the face of the helpless,
But, it’s for a while. I know

Turning my eyes to the right,
As I look at west,
It’s going dark in the bright day,
Looks like an eclipse in the day,
Nothing to show the way,
But, I know it’s for a while.

Moving my eyes to the left,
As I stare at the east,
The truth looks like lies in the jungle,
It became a pain in the cutis like an injection,
No one wants to believe the truth is here,
Everyone were deceived,
But it’s for a while.

Bowing the eyes,
As I moved to catch a glimpse of the south,
It looks hot in the cold area,
Hurt like a burning fire beating the steel,
It seems it won’t fall like a rain,
It’s for a while. I know

Fixing my eyes at a point,
Straight and Focus,
All I see is Positive Change,
Peace and hope up high there,
Light coming to stay right now,
Justice is left to voice out the truth,
And Rain falling down again.

As I smile to myself,
With tears of joy,
I’m strong in the storm of uncertainty,
It may look somehow here and there,
And helter-skelter up and down,
Stay focus and be positive;
Says my heart.

Written by Oni Ifeoluwadamilola


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