You need some help, and you know it. Yet your conscious mind holds you back from seeking it. You’re encountering some difficulty, and you’re not enough against it. But your ego just won’t let you seek some timely help.
You just won’t voice out to save yourself. But why?

Most people find it difficult to communicate their problems to others. Be it their family, friends, lecturers at school, colleagues at work, gym mates, co-worshippers at the Mosque or Church, or trusted neighbors. In fact, some can’t voice out their challenges to even their parents.

They carry it all alone, hoping to find the ultimate solution someday. And as the days roll by; while nothing seems positive and all their efforts fruitless, they give up on themselves and are forced to embrace the despised consequences of their deeds.

This is a sad reality! And we need to change it forthwith.

Else, we would be nurturing a terrible world of disturbed people, living in collective isolation. We would be condoning a “jape of our dreams and ridicule of our aspirations”, while overlooking someone close by, who could easily facilitate the alleviation of our difficulties and achievement of our aspirations.

We all need to change! Well, I’ve learnt my lesson, and embraced change. It’s now your turn.

Here’s why I began to voice out, and embraced the culture of seeking timely help.

In my first year of School, I was a Dentistry Student. At my school, transition to the Medical College after year 1 isn’t automatic, because the numbers of admitted students consistently exceed the available quota at the Medical College. Thus, stipulated criteria; which include “a no-carryover” rule, are used for a terminal screening after the second semester to collate the ultimate transition list. Long story short, I failed a first semester course. Did you hear that? A first semester course, not a second. Meaning, I literarily dragged on till it was too late.

I wrote a few letters for an upgrade (or a possible remark of my script), and patiently waited for a reply. Shortly, an experienced senior colleague advised I approached Dr. so-and-so, and explain to him my predicament, that he may help monitor the execution of my request duly. Perhaps even speed up the process by mere word of mouth, nothing else.

You know what? I ended up studying Microbiology (I’m much grateful though). Meaning, I didn’t approach him for a timely help as simply advised above. So, I didn’t get an upgrade, because my letter was ignored and not effected. And I didn’t transit to the Medical College.

My dreams had to change overnight because of a lesson I hadn’t learnt earlier. I hadn’t learnt to voice out, and seek timely help in difficult times.

Learn to voice out, my friend. It’s not a display of your weakness. Rather, an exhibition of your beautiful art of matured vulnerability.
Always voice out. It’s a show of your originality and naturalness.

Written by Muhammad Adenowo


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