I would’ve hearken to your voice,
Àmòpé is indeed a beautiful damsel,
Her melanin popping skin like Kóró ishin,
But then she stammers,
How can an Àkéwì’s wife be a stammerer?

I would’ve brought Àdùké to you as bride,
She’s as charming and flawless like Yemoja,
As eloquent in speech as myself,
But the only fly in her ointment is that,
She’s not a good cook.
How can a food lover like me choose her as bride?

You need to see Àsàké’s dance steps,
The rhythmic movement of her waist to beats of the drums,
The beads on her waist that keeps beckoning on men,
But then her voice sounds like that of a frog,
How can an Àkéwì marry someone with frog voice?

Àbèní would’ve been a perfect choice,
Her voice is like that of an angel,
Her dance steps are breathtaking,
Her food? It tastes exactly like yours maami.
But then, she’s already betrothed to Àtàndá the cocoa farmer.

Is perfection truly a fantasy?
If I can’t accept the flaws,
Does that make my love a fib?
But a neckerchief fits not a fowl,
Mediocrity can’t be of acceptance.

Until I find someone like you,
Perhaps someone even better,
A person that can make me think less of Àbèní aya Àtàndà,
I Àyìndè àkéwì will remain a bachelor.

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Maami – Mother
Àmòpé – A Name in Yoruba Language
Kóró ishin – Mustard seed
Àkéwì – A Poet
Àdùké – A Female Name in Yoruba Language
Yemoja – Mermaid
Àsàké – A Female Name in Yoruba Language
Àbèní – A Female Name in Yoruba Language
Àtàndá – A Male Name in Yoruba Language
Aya – Wife

Written by Olanrewaju Trimizy


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