Here and now, the darkest story ever told
Somewhere down along this road
He lost all to one so heartless
And a love so mindless.

So our dark story is going to be told
Of the cruel, the beautiful and the bold
Of a young girl naive and young
With notions of love all wrong.

Fate brought one silly naive dove
In search of love
To one whose self was his only treasure
Who only thought of his pleasure
A blissful night, a rude awakening
A broken heart and a love forsaken.

Embittered, she lived on
Until a noble presence came along
Humble origins, but noble of heart.
Came he into her life to play his part
He taught her true friendship
Though she wasn’t ready to sail that ship.

And so he fell in love
A mystery, common folks couldn’t solve
And with fate he made a bargain
His heart for hers his pain for her pain.

Alas! Her love wasn’t for him
So it would seem
For she took the high road
And forsook him with a heart so cold

Nursing his wounded heart
He returned to his princely part
But lo! Fate came for his loot
And left him with a heart as black as soot.

Behold the return of the king
In the plains did the voice ring,
And as he sat on his throne
Behold, all that was his own
He beheld the last joke of fate.

For the cause of his broken faith
With that which the wives wore so
Was she, married to his greatest foe.

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Written by Obinna Neboh


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