Come to me, Oh my darling
Come take your place in my heart
Even if the sky turns pale
And the cloud retch fire,
I’d never deny the love I have for you Aduke.

My love will be right here waiting
Aduke, I know you remain stubborn about our love.
I do not know how to tell you the way am feeling
How do I tell you; Daddy’s girl that am a playboy?

Who is the only daughter of a retired soldier
A man who has the government upon his shoulders.

Beautiful Aduke,
Calling you beautiful is a disrespect to your beauty.
Words will fail the English master who tries to describe your gorgeousness.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder they say,
But I say any beholder that fails to behold
Your beauty is in danger of blindness.
I hope your love eventually won’t put me in trouble.

Dear Mama,
I’m in a different world now,
I think I won’t marry a medical practitioner as you’ve craved for,
Please release your blessings on me.

Dear Aduke,
The bliss I get when we kiss,
Leaves me to wonder how Old Soldier
Got to know the pretty mother who gave birth to you.

God has blessed you with functioning lipids,
Which is evident in your body shape & contours.
I hope to love you with a love that is genuine and true
I pray to be strong always for you.

May my love to you
Bring good tidings from your earthly father.
I love you but I fear him so dearly.
But I hope to man up rather than chickening out.

I’d risk my life for love
And hope to enjoy it after.
It’s no new thing that we miss a hundred percent shot we don’t take,
I’ll take this shot for love’s sake.

Stand by me
And let’s make this love work,

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Written by Soyemi Obafemi


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