You never can overemphasize the essence of planning.
Because it helps you have a measure of control over the future.

You will never effectively cross a bridge
When you are crossing it for the first time by the time you get there.

Humans have been given a degree of control,
That’s why many people notice patterns in life.

You can control your life, you can control your future, how?
By being there before you are actually there.

See how tomorrow will be with the eyes of your mind.
Change whatever you see that you don’t like and see it again.

See how the following week will be.
Set things in place so that this will work for you.

Never ever let it be the first time you are crossing a bridge
When you actually get to the bridge.

It’ll be a disaster because all of a sudden,
Your senses will have no idea of what to do.

Your senses will have no control over the events that you see unfold
Because you have refused to take control at the beginning.

I keep being amazed at the words of Bill Gates,
“I saw where the world was going, so I went to wait for them there!”

When you cross bridges before you get there,
You become a leader by helping others who failed to cross the bridge in their minds long ago.

You become a person of value and the moment you let your value transcend,
You get wealth and there you have it!

One secret to wealth is planning; crossing bridges before you ever got there.
You can start by taking control of today.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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