How would you feel when you desire to do something and those you thought could be supportive proved abortive?

They could be family, relatives, or even close friends.

But remember, it does not imply that you are not good enough or you should stop what you intend to start.

Just keep on doing your thing, continue being you!

With time, they’d turn around to support you
When they see how well you’ve done for yourself
And how successful you’ve become.

You got to stop getting mad when people don’t support you.
A bunch of them can’t even support themselves.

You do not need anyone to validate your dream.
Only you got the permission to do so.

Maybe it’s pride, maybe its jealousy,
But still, they do not want to own up to the fact that you are good at what you do.

Just continue!
The place you look for support sometimes might not be where you’d get it from.
Your needed support can come from anywhere, from anybody;a random stranger, someone you’ve never met or spoken to before.

The Holy book said: A prophet is not honored in his own home.
Your family and friends who are not supportive of your idea does not mean others won’t be supportive of it.
It doesn’t render other supports invalid.

Always remember that Support is support irrespective of who or where it is coming from.

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Written by Ojero Kendy BleHsin


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