Not until the moment she wrote about me in that paper that I
knew the end from the beginning

Most things she said about me were quite true, I still marvel
even while writing this
How can someone be so sweet in nature, am still pondering?
Although to me, I think she can be among the few who can
conquer the world
For she is so quiet, so cool, so brave, so mild, everything
one can think of
Often times, her smile makes me feel like a man without
No wonder you see her smile with such profoundness of love
Oh!!! Such a kind of her is very difficult, not easy to find
There are sometimes in life you just love someone for who they
Not because they really care about you, but because it is
Even when oceans rise, snow falls, you will still see them
stand by you
It’s true we should never try to wrong the right person
Because we never know when the tide will fall on us
And then we would need someone so close to stand by us all
Only to find out that we might never see such persons never
And of course she remembers that dark night we were both
When the wind was blowing so cold and our hair were rising
And it was time for me to go home, not until her mind cut
into something
And she deep sighted within herself; maybe she was confused
to some degree
For she paused a moment and asked me if I had this
likeliness for her
And I was dumbfounded for a while as if I was being
hypnotized, maybe she just couldn’t recognize
Yes; yes; yes, I do have this likeliness for you
I asked her the same question too, and she gave me the same
reply in a low tone
For a while I felt empty; I departed her presence as if we
were never going to see again
For she is a man in woman’s clothing; so brave and bold
In my entire life no one has asked me such a question; not
For I should have asked her first before she did, I wasn’t
really ready unlike hers
And for the first time in a never time, I dreamt of her till
But I tell you now within me, don’t think about this the
other way round
Remember you told me no feelings attached, and I do stand by
it too
The best we can ever be is to be the best friend we can ever
And make use of the opportunity we have now, even though
life could change
For you and I must never have love feelings for the wrong
This is just my solemn words to you this morning.
And for those of you that are reading this, please and
please never ask the wrong person out
Its better you keep them very close to your eyes and mind
than to your heart
Because keeping such people close to your heart might be
dangerous since life isn’t constant
And you might end up breaking up the relationship making you
lose a friend well kept
But keeping them around you really means a lot, it’s like
you found something you never lose.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

REKINDLE:-The drive to Change

July 2, 2016


July 2, 2016