You know,
life is not all about the people who started before you; it’s not what you
think in your head that life results in. We learn about life in different levels
and state clearly that fulfilling purpose doesn’t need one to be in haste. To
we all in this world, there are particular time and season that is dedicated to
everyone under the sun. It’s not all about those who started while you hope to
begin, what we are talking about is those who finished well. You can be so
dazzled in the mystery of life that someone who has been downcasted all year
long could be the rising star in split seconds.

We could
remember vividly people who finished their first degree and still haven’t
secured a good job yet and has to learn a trade, but life still changed tide
for them. To achieve something great in life, it’s all about Gods timing, no
one can take that season away from you. Now you see such people in white collar
jobs earning more than those they met in the business line. It’s not about
dwelling somewhere; it’s about how much impact you added to yourself when
leaving that environment; for the real life begins after the choices we make.
Life could be so frustrating and interesting for two different parties all at
the same time. 
It’s a wrong
say that life is cruel, there is a season for everything. Life is full of ups
and fluffs. All you need to do is take advantage when life puts you up, go
higher and higher and if life then wants to pull you down it won’t go past that
height it brought you initially. Take a chance; that is what life is all about.
Don’t just sit doing nothing. Good things happen to those who work for it and
left-over for those who wait.
No matter
your current situation, you can make the most out of it. Sorrow only last for a
while; a night maybe, but joy cometh in the morning all through rough days.
Keep to God’s work, start something until you see yourself being launched to
the top. 
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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