life makes us think we do not know how to love. Often times, our heart long for
someone only for us to find out later that it wasn’t meant to be. For when two
hearts beat and the both of them are in love, it’s as though they were new to
the word Relationship and still novice in love.
We get carried
away too quickly in love to find out later that we hurt one-another, maybe we
should just conclude that love is blind or loving is blind. For when two
opposite sex genders open up their mind to what their heart is saying, before
they knew it, the relationship is already on the verge of crashing out because
the female gender thinks that it is up to the male gender to run the
relationship since they are the dominating being. Instead of them to think of a
way out of those difficulties, selfishness and ego sets in between the two
genders both pretending one actually loves the other more and the other feature
saying likewise. In view, this has caused more relationship collapse than any
other means.
When they
both see that rekindle love burning through their eyes and they can’t help
establish it on the outside is really a tragic scenario. They both keep mute as
if everything is alright whereas it’s not. For the more you stay in a
relationship, the more your head feels as if it’s unnecessary and you should
let go. We have got one difficulty to face in life and that is “not putting up
our head to agree with our heart about the ones we love”. The head and heart
should always be in mutual agreement with one another because if they are not, you
only end up hurting one of the two and that is definitely the heart. The heart
cries so much whenever we don’t stand up to that person we love and tell them to
their face, our head does not really care about emotions, its mere logical.
For as long
as we do live in this world, in one way or the other, we have lost a very close
lover that was really special and important to us. Do have it at the back of
your mind now that it’s never your fault, your heart did want to make up but
your head is just too slow to catch the glimpse of what you thinking.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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