I have always believed that we are
the writer of our story, how sadly wrong I turned out to be. We are merely like
an artist playing out an already written script. Discovering this came as a
rude awakening for me. Life shook me up and splashed me with cold water pulling
me out of my fairytale.
A lot of things have driven me to
the edge but i always come back and never gave in. This time however, I’m at
the edge of the cliff and there seem to be no reason to turn back.
My heart and soul is consumed with
pain, a lot of pain. I just want to drown in the pool of my pain and tears.
It seemed almost like a dream to
see myself at that edge, I tried calling out to me, and she wouldn’t listen,
intent on destroying herself. It dawned on me that this time there was no going
back. I watched as I dropped slowly and quickly, even as time stood still
perhaps noting the gravity of what is happening. I flailed about the still air
trying to grasp whatever lifeline I could but failed.
Alas! I fell deeply into an abyss
consumed with darkness. I can feel the cold fingers of fear and despair around
my throat choking me. I make no attempt to break free, of what use are broken
things? Many wondered on what could have pushed me over the edge, they don’t
realize it can be tiring when you have to pick up pieces of yourself all alone.
Left alone with my thoughts,
consumed with grief and pain. I almost didn’t hear the heavens open and a
commanding voice ring through the earth with its message. My heart stilled for
a second there when I heard the message.
The message was like a balm to my
aching soul, it seems there’s hope for me after all.
It says that there’s a chance to
save me but one that will do so must be of a pure heart, he will lose something
dear to him in exchange for me.
I’m lying in the abyss waiting,
Would you save me from
Would you save me?
Would you?

written by Oladejo Damilola

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  1. Martins says:

    Deep and soul touching…

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    nice piece

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