Seducing sunny days that lights up hearts.
The cool, calm breeze from the west,
Placing kisses on every cheek.
Chirping of crickets; soothing in the quiet night.
Beautiful radiant moon beaming from above,
Rendering the cold night into a serene horizon.
Owls expressing liberty in the frozen night.
Rodents running to distant families.
Smooches of kisses from nature herself.
Then, men slept with peace on cushion.
Throttle left or right searching for nothing.
Meddled in nothing but peace and unity.
Tears of forgotten war knock on the door,
Hovering over our heads with a rifle.
This realm has evolved to an inferno.
We wail with an open mouth,
Till the body become too frail.
All in search of the Golden Fleece.
We are too selfish to hold on;
To the only thing we had.
Peace and unity, we threw out the door.
We battle the demons in our souls,
Went to war with the clangers in our destiny.
Just to gather the vanity of cravings.
We mend broken hearts with more pain,
Exhilarate the mind of the poor with chains.
Capture their realities in beautiful folklore.
Tis’ the cry in our land,
From the fragile juvenile,
To the scared adult.
Peace be still in our land,
Leave no more to any foreign land.
Make our abode your homeland.
Unity! Come back to this frail hearts.
Return to the land that begets you.
Take us back to the days of old.
by Tokede Daniel

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