If you believe you can succeed or you believe you can’t. Guess
what? You’re right!

When you were born, the genius of God exploded and made a person
that the world has never seen before and will never be seen again. You were
born to do great things, You were born to succeed, You were born to bless the
lives of others.
You have unlimited potential, but you must learn how to release it
to reach your destiny. But before you can really understand what success is, it
first helps to understand what success is not.

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    Success is not Money. If you think success is money read
    ecclesiastic 5:10 (Those who love money will never have enough. How meaningless
    to think that wealth brings true happiness)

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    Success is not reaching a goal. Life’s most important revelation
    is that the journey means more than the destination.
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    Success is not power. The world is not interested in the storms
    you encounter, but they want to know; did you bring the ship home safely?
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    Success is not having it all. You should be thoroughly used up
    when you die; for the harder you work, the more you live.
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    Success is not determined by your circumstances. Success is not
    found in your circumstances. Success is overcoming your circumstances

Written by Isaiah Adeniyi


September 14, 2016


September 14, 2016