And we feel this thing over and over again, like our
innermost thought is in constant rendering with our soul. And we do not know
what to term this any longer, we feel we are oppressed with something bigger
than us and will always live with fantasy all day long.
This isn’t the first time we go for what we want but something
keeps creeping in and taking our best moments farther away from our
imagination. For we do the things we ought to have done way long back and find
ourselves doing what we not supposed to now. For we just need to find our real
self and look out for that broken fervor of which we always possess.
And indeed we saw that one person who will always be right
only for us to dwell in that same fantasy being trapped in for years. For we
all want to achieve something so seriously that when we finally see it, it
vanishes like thin smoke up in the Air.
For as long as we do need to find that true self, we ought to
come out of that shell and stand up to what we really want. For when we are too
thoughtful, we tend to be more in the world of fantasy rather than the world of

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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