In the light of your eyes I see love and braveness. All those
years spent with you seem like the abode of heaven.
I live in fear; I live in anxiety. The Mother earth cries up on my
depression but all I see is the Angel of survivor inside of you.
I’m all alone like a lost princess in a magical land. I live in a
world surrounded by people but it seems like a hollow of hell. You came all in
a wondrous cloud of thunder like a Prince coming to save her Princess from a
devouring dragon and saved me from my mystery.
You’re my king!
          You’re my heart!
                    You’re my saviour!
And O! When I started thinking all this through, when I started
dreaming and hoping again, hoping in the light of your thunderous affection of
love and care, you showed me am not supposed to give in my best.
You left me crashing like an airplane navigating downwards the
sky, and the mother earth which was once rejoicing in the fulfillment of love
which accepts the rain and the heat of the sun gladly with love gave up its voice
in agony saying “Why have your hopes been crushed again”.
She told me, get up, dust off the pain, the shame, the agony. She
told me “forget about the beast that showed up in the heart of the one who
gave you hope”. Let go of the anger, the silence of your soul, the
stiffness in you and rejoice in the breath of life, for in it will you find the
happiness and joy you seek for.

written by Adegun Wuraola

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