Knock, knock, and knock
Those were his first words to me
Just like that, my weirdness gave in to his
Sweet, gentle, funny, intelligent and kind
An insensitive prick he also was
Deliberate but unconditional was my love for him
For when a man loves you
You reciprocate.

Before him, my idea of love was vague
But like guide, he came and showed me the way
Butterflies truly lived in my belly
And on those days, the sun shined brighter
The flowers scented differently
And the rain poured beautifully.

Extensive talk and late night whispers was our thing
And even when we could we wouldn’t stop
Work was too small a space to distance us
Unconsciously a system we built thus.

Though I was yet to lay eyes on him
Committed we were even in the dark
Our resolve generating from a force bigger than us
And vivid can I recount our first fight?
A useless argument it seems now
But much importance we gave it at the time
Creating an unrest to our very hearts
Resulting in the discovery of the fact
That bound we were to one another.

A good listener this man was
And a few things other than me made him glow
Ranking top was Taylor’s best day and of course Arsenal
With an ever present reason to celebrate
Appreciative to He who made us collide
It was magic at its best
And on this, a plan was laid
A road trip that never happened
A union that never occurred
A hypothetical family buried in assumption.

Epic was our kind of love
One difficult to write off or forget
One which words do no justice to.

I had hoped to be at your side
When your dreams came true
And if they struggled to
In your heydays and at old age
When I hit fifty and fearful of the grave.

I had wanted it to be me
Who would bear a son with your nose
That together we could rise
Knowing this is as much a part of you as it is me
But the realization of this never came
Because like every epic tale I know
We hit an end.

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About Fadiji Oyinkansola

She is a doctoral student, a scientist in training, art lover, serial entrepreneur, irreversible romantic and godmother thrice. She is an ambivert, with a weird sense of humor, known to be notoriously private, conventionally unconventional with an interest in causes that centers on women, girls and education. She is a movie junkie, voracious reader and a becoming fashionista with an unreasonable love for everything.
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June 1, 2017


June 1, 2017