Green lawns after sometime wither and diminish in value
Great cars wheel up all races but still falls to liability
Cream colors may look nice but soon enough turns unlovely
Only great minds looks beyond, stays calm and keeps working.

Life answers not to wished up mind but a made up one. No matter what life presents to you, it’s in your possession to determine either to succumb to it or do otherwise. You may think everything is happening in just a rush, you haven’t sat down and looked deep down what really was the matter, I say again; only you decide what type of life you grant yourself. You and I are among the one million people seeking to look for a great life, but a great life is not in anything other than yourself.

Consolidate your mind, have the right mentality to positivity, demand the great things to equip your brain. Remember, we have no long time anymore on earth to roam about doing unprofitable and non-passionate things. You can become that man or woman you always wanted to become. Work things out straightaway, for there is nothing big today that start big; not even those who found the word big. Everything begins with that leap of step, challenge yourself today and have the earth remember you just for who you were and not for anything else.

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June 3, 2017


June 3, 2017